• Coding is creative.

    Once kids understand the basic concepts of programming, their imaginations can run wild as they are then able to create their own apps, games, mods, music, and more.

  • Coding teaches you how to think.

    Learning to program improves the way you think by showing you new ways of solving problems, testing theories, and thinking abstractly.

  • The world needs more coders.

    Code is everywhere and plays a critical role in our lives yet only a few understand how it works. This needs to change.

  • It can lead to an exciting career.

    There are going to be a MILLION coding jobs available in Canada within the next decade. Oh and coders usually get paid well too.

  • Coding is fun!

    The coding tools available today are super engaging and once you know the basics, you can start to create your own interactive apps and games.

Current Classes

Creative Coding

Learn the basics of coding in a fun, encouraging, and creative environment.

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